Interesting Facts about Aluminum

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  • Aluminum is a great metal to recycle. Recycling uses only 5% of the energy needed to produce aluminum from its ore, bauxite. (6)
  • Aluminum does not stick to magnets under normal conditions.
  • There is more aluminum in the Earth’s crust than any other metal. At about 8 percent, aluminum is the third most abundant element in our planet’s crust, behind oxygen and silicon.
  • Despite its high abundance, in the 1850s aluminum was more valuable than gold. In 1852 aluminum was priced at $1200 per kg and gold was $664 per kg.
  • Aluminum prices illustrate the perils of financial speculation: in 1854 Saint-Claire Deville found a way of replacing potassium with much cheaper sodium in the reaction to isolate aluminum. By 1859, aluminum was priced at $37 per kg; its price had dropped 97% in just five years.
  • Where the previous item highlights the perils of speculation, this item highlights one of the triumphs of chemistry: the Hall-Heroult electrolytic process was discovered in 1886. By 1895, aluminum’s price had dropped to just $1.20 per kg.
  • Ruby gemstones are mainly aluminum oxide in which a small number of the aluminum ions have been replaced by chromium ions.
  • Aluminum manufacturing takes a lot of energy – 17.4 megawatt hours of electrical energy to produce one metric ton of aluminum; that’s three times more energy than is needed to make a metric ton of steel.

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