Global Production of Aluminium

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Global Production

Global Aluminium Industry Statistics

Global Aluminium Industry Statistics

Global production of primary aluminium rose from 32 million tons (MT) in 2005 to 34 MT in
2006, a jump of 6%. Primary aluminium production is concentrated in relatively few countries.
The top five producers—China, Russia, Canada, the United States, and Australia.
Figure 2: Comparison of Aluminium production to other metals
Aluminium Producing Countries
The ore of the metal i.e. bauxite generally occurs in the tropical and sub-tropical areas of earth. It
is present in almost all continents except Antarctica with the estimated deposits of 65 billion
tons. The major producers of primary aluminium in the world are:
· United States of America
. Norway
· Russia
· South Africa
· Canada
· Venezuela
· European Union
· Bahrain
· China
· United Arab Emirates
· Australia
· India
· Brazil
· New Zealand
The global production of aluminium figures around 38 million tons. The above-mentioned
countries share more than 90% of the aluminium production. China and India reported the
greatest increase in aluminium output i.e. at 12 percent and 11 percent respectively.

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