Consumption and Production of Alumina and Aluminium

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Primary Aluminium Production

Consumption and Production of Alumina and Aluminium

Consumption and Production of Alumina and Aluminium

India is considered to be the fifth largest producer of Aluminium in the world. It accounts to around 6% of the total deposits and produces about 2.1 million tons of aluminium in 2011. It is estimated that if the country‘s aluminium consumption rate maintains, it‘d be having the reserves 15 for over 350 years.

India has confirmed 3 billion tonnes of Bauxite reserves out of the global reserve of 65 billion tonnes. Most of the bauxite mines are concentrated in Bihar, Karnataka and Orissa.

India is the eighth leading producer of primary aluminium in the world. The production of aluminium in India has grown substantially in the last five years.
Production of Aluminium got a boost due to adding of extra smelting capacity in the recent years and rising domestic and user friendly demand emanating from packaging, construction, automobiles and electrical sectors and miscellaneous.

On the contrary, despite having 7.5 per cent of the world’s total bauxite deposits and 7 per cent of bauxite production, India’s contribution in global aluminium production is less than 5 per cent.

Consumption of Aluminium is a wide field of who’s details we will post in our coming days.



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