Aluminium in Transportation sector

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40 years of Aluminium Growth Slide

40 years of Aluminium Growth Slide

Aluminum’s Growth Is Accelerating Because It Builds a Better Vehicle:

  • Automotive aluminum use has grown steadily for 40 years as automakers increasingly use the metal for its environmental, safety and performance advantages.
  • Currently the leading material in powertrain and wheel applications, automotive aluminum is quickly gaining market share in hoods, trunks, doors and bumpers.
  • A survey of North American automakers conducted by Ducker Worldwide found that automakers will increase their use of aluminum from 327 pounds in 2009 to 550 pounds in 2025, doubling aluminum’s percent of vehicle curb weight from 8 to 16 percent.
  • Today, the average Class 8 commercial truck uses over 1,000 pounds of aluminum. This is expected to increase to 3,300 pounds as heavy-duty vehicle producers pursue improvements in overall vehicle efficiency and reduced operating costs.
  • Reducing vehicle weight with aluminum allows vehicles to offer the same performance with smaller engines, improving fuel efficiency and enabling a potential cost savings.
  • High strength steel will reach maximum potential in limited applications since it saves weight via gauge reduction, which only goes so far in hoods, deck lids, doors and fenders.
    Audi a4

    Audi A4

The new A4 migrates to a new modular platform called MLBevo that is also used by the 2016 Audi Q7. As is the common refrain with new car debuts these days, the new A4 is both larger and lighter than its predecessor. A more extensive use of aluminum means that the new car weighs up to 264 lb less than its predecessor, depending on the powertrain.

The Automobile Industry in India is manufacturing over 11 million vehicles and exporting about 1.5 million annually. The main products of the industry are the two wheelers (with a market share of over 75%) and passenger cars (with a market share of about 16%).

The industry has incredibly attained a turnover of more than 35billion$ and provides employment to over 130 lakh people.

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