Aludecor MasterworkMasterwork, the superior quality product from the house of Aludecor, has set a new benchmark in India’s ACP market. Manufactured from 100% virgin extrusion grade polyethylene sourced from world’s leading suppliers, Masterwork is available only in AL 45 grade. The qualitative excellence of the raw materials used, helps to retain the flatness of the panel which in turn strengthens the bonding between aluminium layers and the polyethylene core. The 3105/5005 series aluminium alloy ensures better adhesion of the paint with the coil. High flexibility of Masterwork ACP makes it acceptable to one and all.
Aludecor ZincThe Zinc Series from Aludecor is a quality product that will win over the hearts of architects and facade consultants for sure. Zinc ACP absorbs and locks away greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other pollutants. It thus helps building quality for LEED™ Certification. Zinc ACP has a long life, as long as 100 years or more and thus conforms to the International Green Construction Code which gives a special importance to long term service life implication of buildings. Moreover, Zinc can be recycled at the rate of 90 to 100 percent, giving the zinc panel a second life after it comes off the building.
Aludecor CopperCopper Aluminium Composite Panel is yet another addition to Aludecor’s wide array of innovative products. Copper ACP is produced with copper at the top, aluminium coil at the bottom and a low density polyethylene core in the middle. Aludecor’s Copper ACP is the first CU+ marked ACP in India. The certification has been received from the International Copper Promotion Council for its antimicrobial properties. Empowered by German technology and support, Aludecor has used phosphorous deoxidized copper which is widely used in architecture and construction materials, and in some industrial segments.
Aludecor Firewall The Firewall secret lies in tour high quality Pvdf/ Lumiflon resin based coating on top of primer coating. This multi-layered technology provides superior resistance to fading and weathering. With the state-of-the-art technology, Aludecor is the pioneer producer of FR grade ACP in India and one of the few dependable manufacturers of the same globally. Firewall can be used in buildings and spaces where fire ratings are stringent.These special FR grade ACPs have received Class B rating according to EN 13501-1 and 2hrs rating of ASTM 119 from tests conducted at EXOVA Labs.
Aludecor ReachAludecor Reach is made from a combination of virgin (new) and first grade recycled polyethylene (recycled just once) with market standard Al coil thickness in 1100 Al Alloy. Special Aluminium Coil of 1100 Grade is used for both exterior and interior grades. The coil thickness including coating on both sides of the panel is 0.25mm in exterior and 0.20 & 0.12mm in interior grades. A colour coating of 28 microns is used for exterior grade and 18 to 20 microns for interior grades
Aludecor SelectAludecor Select is made from a combination of virgin (new) and first grade recycled polyethylene (recycled just once). Special Aluminium Coil of alloy 3105 Series used in manufacturing this range is primarily used for exterior wall claddings only. AL 45 the grade of ACP manufactured in this category comes with coil thickness of 0.5mm on both the sides. The PVDF coating used is of 28 microns and an Adhesive Film of 50-80 microns to ensure the longevity of these panels.

About Aludecor

aludecor logoprovides you the opportunity to embellish your building’s exterior and interior. It can be used in the design and development of building façades, facia, individual signage, partitioning panels, interior cladding, ceiling, furniture, elevators, escalators, stair sideways, canopy and column cover.
Aludecor has set new parameters in the national market of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) and Coated Coils, through constant technological innovations.
An expansive production unit at Haridwar, spread over 25,000 square metres, a wide dealer network and a highly efficient sales team cater to the market demand with great efficiency.

Our Vision

Our Vision
The buildings of the future are buildings taking shape in our mind, today. Our vision is to give architecture a makeover like never before. By innovating and seizing possibilities, much before they become obvious, we want to be recognized as a true world leader in our field of operations.

Our Mision

Our Mission
Vision is never enough, unless backed up by venture. Our mission therefore is to step up and climb the winding stairs of success. In our efforts to become the numero uno Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) manufacturing company we will always prioritize our client’s requirements, keep in mind our employees wishes and work for the betterment of every strata of society. Aludecor should shine, thanks to our dedication, work ethics and honesty.

"We are extremely satisfied with the product quality and the services. Our experience of working with Aludecor Laminations Pvt. Ltd. is delightful and hassle free. We recommend Aludecor as .a good business partner for all kinds of signage & construction project in India."

− Debosis Chatopadhyay, Manager Retail , Amul

" We are extremely delighted to use Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panel for our store projects for Brands under the jewellery division. There are no complaints about Aludecor ACP. The quality of the panels and timely delivery by Aludecor has satisfied us. "

− Balaji Natarajan, Jewellery Store Design, TITAN

"We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the sheets. The sheets have immaculate flatness, and are delightfully lightweight as well as, easy to use. Beside delivery excellence, Aludecor also provides brilliant after sales service. "

− Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt Ltd

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