7 Reasons Why Aluminium is Necessary in Everyday Life

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Metals are an inseparable part of human life. One of the most important metals known to mankind is Aluminium, which is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is silvery white, soft and non-magnetic in nature.

In the earlier days of its discovery, Aluminium was considered more precious than gold and Kings and Queens of famed kingdoms used to serve their special guests on dishes made out of Aluminium.

This metal has an integral role to play in our day to day life. Here are the 7 important uses of Aluminium in everyday life.


  • Aluminium Foil


They act as a barrier against oxygen and water. Thus they are used for packaging of food, so as to preserve it. From Sandwiches in tiffins to dairy products stored in the fridge, Aluminium foil remains in constant use. This foil along with hot water and baking soda also helps in cleaning silverware.


  • Window Frames


Aluminium is used in window frames as it is comparatively cheaper, lighter and resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for outdoor use as windows are continuously exposed to the moisture and humidity in the environment.


  • Kitchen Utensils


From serving utensils like spoons, forks, knives to saucepans, Aluminium is a common presence in the kitchen because of its good conductivity to heat. Also it has low toxicity and is a safer choice than any other metal.


  • Aluminium Cans


Cans are common sights, specifically in the lives of teenagers. They are often seen sipping into the cans of their favourite soft drink or soda. These cans are generally made of aluminium, as it can easily support the carbonation pressure of sodas.


  • License Plates


A car or a bike is a necessity in today’s lifestyle. And the identification of these vehicles means a license plate. In today’s world, aluminium is surely undertaking this service, for aluminium plates can be made easily and also recycled and cast into other things with ease.


  • Alloy Wheels


Aluminium is used along with other metals to form an alloy used in wheels. They are lighter, have better strength and have better conduction of heat. Aluminium is also used in the rims of wheels.


  • Outdoor Furniture


Outdoor Patio Furniture’s are mostly made of this metal due to its durability and high resistance to rust. They are also lighter in weight and hence easier to transport.


Thus today’s life is deeply dependent with this metal. These 7 uses are only that of our daily life whereas Aluminium is used in a bigger scale in a larger picture.

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