7 Aluminium Window Designs to Make Your Home Look Sophisticated and Classy

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  1. This window frame made of aluminium is just perfect for your house which has a view you can’t take your eyes away from. The complete glass body allows ample light to enter the room while the frame holds them firmly.



  1. Keep your home simple yet classy with this high-low designed aluminium window-ventilator frame. With four low fixed ventilations at the bottom and four sliding windows above the ventilators makes the look totally sophisticated.



  1. Give your house an elegant look with this Victorian styled window. Fitted with a semi-circled ventilator along with two window panes, it is enough to grab everyone’s attention.



  1. This aluminium window with black and brown coloured frame is all you need to make your house look wow. With three columned windows, you can put grills of your choice for additional safety.



  1. This standard model of aluminium framed window imparts a chic look to your already beautiful home.It has two panes and one vertical and three horizontal grills fitted on each side.



  1. If you are looking for windows that slide, this model won’t disappoint you. With high quality aluminium frame that clamp the glass, you can easily install it without any further regret.



  1. Turn heads around with this stylish window frame made of aluminium. The glass door is flanked by windows on both the sides which have fixed ventilators below.


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